Trái nghĩa của restless

Alternative for restless


Opposite of unable to rest or relax as a result of anxiety
restful calm comfortable composed easy quiet relaxed settled stable steady undisturbed agitated collected content cool easy-going happy jumpy laid-back nervous restive unworried peaceful placid tranquil soothing relaxing serene calming unhurried sleepy chilled leisurely untroubled hushed still pacific languid tranquilizing tranquillizing reposeful free from interference free from disturbance free from interruption quieting nerveless happy-go-lucky unfazed unruffled unperturbed at ease assured confident unflustered poised nonchalant equable contented unflappable satisfied unafraid together unconcerned casual pleased unbothered certain imperturbable self-composed self-assured comforting levelheaded courageous fearless brave easygoing cool-headed self-possessed self-controlled carefree unshakable pleasing impassive firm unshaken unemotional sure unfearful coolheaded sedate motionless controlled unagitated level-headed unwavering dispassionate assertive delightful pleasant even-tempered unmoved dauntless cozy bold unexcitable halcyon gratified cheerful intrepid insouciant cosy patient definite nonplussed mellow idyllic cool as a cucumber stress-free at home cool, calm and collected in control calm and collected at peace easeful even level smooth emotionless self-contained resting unmoving inattentive unwilling untouched rested settling harmonious undoubting good encouraging auspicious laidback stolid unimpassioned phlegmatic unquestionable comforted loyal enthusiastic clear understated resolute mild-mannered tolerant unequivocal unsuspicious uninhibited friendly lax uncaring limpid limp pacifical indulgent lazy unbusy undemanding categorical positive breezy fulfilled implicit stoical blithe consummate optimistic convincing undoubted strong indubious nice sound affable offhand chilled out sanguine doubtless calmed unfaltering chilly unexcited freezing free and easy cheered joyous snug reassured secure reassuring leisured safe amenable unaffected joyful energised painless refreshed fresh lively energized activated agreeable congenial cushy complacent enjoyable comfy satisfying civil unnervous protected effortless snuggly


Opposite of characterized by, or experiencing, a lack of sleep


Opposite of travelling from place to place

Đồng nghĩa của restless

restless Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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