Trái nghĩa của frenzied

Alternative for frenzied

frenzies, frenzied, frenzying

Đồng nghĩa: agitation, delirium, excitement, fit, fury, madness, passion, rage,


Opposite of wildly excited or uncontrolled due to worry or fear
collected composed recollected self-collected self-composed self-possessed unhysterical calm unruffled cool tranquil placid untroubled serene unperturbed undisturbed sedate peaceful together unworried coolheaded possessed unfazed unshaken self-controlled cool-headed poised unflustered relaxed level controlled imperturbable self-assured confident unflappable unmoved grounded unbothered equal unagitated even-tempered equable chilled impassive nonchalant suave self-confident unperturbable quiet stolid phlegmatic dispassionate dignified unexcitable urbane unemotional elegant assured nonplussed equanimous at ease laid-back keeping your cool as cool as a cucumber sure of oneself cool, calm and collected level-headed good-tempered cool as a cucumber happy pleased mild unexcited delighted angerless indifferent sane apathetic moderate balanced unenthusiastic gentle depressed unconcerned emotionless unhappy cheerful cold sorrowful troubled lethargic mellow temperate reasonable easy-going miserable easygoing sad disappointed dull casual insouciant peaceable passive half-hearted still disinterested detached subdued rational normal joyous listless discouraged downcast lackadaisical nonviolent slow good-humoured good-humored sound patient levelheaded restful tolerant uninterested civil uninvolved at peace lukewarm unaffected bored docile unshakable alert joyful mild-mannered excited content elated exhilarated gleeful weak stress-free numb pleasant kind spiritless dejected tame lifeless faint steady lacklustre lackluster down dispirited sluggish halcyon gloomy sorrowing concentrating unexciting gladdened easy amenable hushed cool as cucumber reposeful reposing smooth sure carefree complaisant self-contained leisurely loose wishy-washy liberal encouraged unfearful bold comforted brave unafraid centered rested giddy low-pressure happy-go-lucky pacific unimpassioned well coherent lucid broad-minded doubting impartial clear unpassionate nerveless despaired tormented good-natured satisfied contented unimpressed unenthused uneager blasé in control offhand chilly freezing calm and collected dim reasoned civilized friendly centred gratified amused glad light frozen civilised modest tender unimportant nonemphatic nonassertive unemphatic genial delicate harmless unfeeling undemonstrative incurious stoical unambitious callous non-committal pococurante impassible untouched affectless perfunctory stoic languid unresponsive unmotivated placated well-behaved impotent incapable nice ineffective balmy soft clement languorous warm dissatisfied woebegone displeased disheartened slight meek uncaring feeble zephyr-like down in the dumps dead drab dreary flat silent boring tedious characterless wooden insipid deadened vapid uninteresting lazy without energy uninspired uninspiring


Opposite of displaying a lack of sensibleness or good judgment


(of a person) Opposite of excited or elated by something


Opposite of not controllable


Opposite of rash

Đồng nghĩa của frenzied

frenzied Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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