Trái nghĩa của sinful

Alternative for sinful

sinful /'sinful/
  • tính từ
    • có tội, mắc tội, phạm tội; đầy tội lỗi


Opposite of being a sin
virtuous moral decent godly honest righteous upright ethical good honorable just right sinless sublime beatified blessed chaste holy honourable immaculate innocent pure spotless squeaky-clean unblemished respectable without sin free from sin perfect clean flawless impeccable faultless unsullied pristine unstained untarnished unsoiled ideal stainless undefiled lily-white blameless unspoilt uncontaminated untouched unpolluted exemplary guiltless without fault without blemish unimpeachable incorrupt model whiter than white beyond reproach above reproach squeaky clean pure as the driven snow noble uncorrupt principled uncorrupted kind scrupulous upstanding irreproachable proper incorruptible high-minded nice trustworthy venerable worthy frigid undersexed wholesome reputable admirable reverent benevolent praiseworthy moralistic respectful law-abiding creditable saintly lawful respected high fair straight high-principled lofty angelic gentle inculpable pleasant humane pious meritorious helpful puritanical inoffensive unobjectionable prim truthful esteemed excellent modest prudish purified acceptable altruistic legitimate commendable pleasing unselfish right-minded strait-laced virginal legal clean-living fitting nonobscene G-rated benign seemly equitable laudable heroic beneficent decorous conscientious wonderful conscionable charitable unbribable honoured rightful compassionate gracious magnanimous honored inviolate good-hearted authorized friendly legit notable frank open kindhearted kosher chivalrous aboveboard genuine sympathetic authorised tenderhearted noble-minded not guilty stand-up glorious above board self-denying self-abnegating innocuous pardonable forgivable responsible cleansed improved ascetic resolute irreprehensible humble controlled lauded undecayed new strong healthy well punctilious square behaved amoral vestal guileless unblighted Victorian rigid overmodest priggish stuffy attractive dutiful maidenly religious sacred spiritual angelical great unprejudiced careful unmarred unaffected magnificent right-thinking morally right morally acceptable morally correct god-fearing hopeful taintless wealthy rich superior aristocratic virgin continent uninvolved splendid agreeable lovely delicate marvellous divine celibate untainted unadulterated restrained God-fearing faithful acquitted comforting marvelous happy desirous safe dignified mild benignant unaggressive irresponsible immune undebased auspicious g-rated guilt-free crimeless prissy aiding gallant tame playful docile pure and simple in the clear assisting permitted legalized fine extraordinary sound calm civilised civilized permissible dependable constitutional reliable Spartan allowed prominent established licit correct trusted sanctioned statutory acclaimed renowned distinguished allowable licensed decreed reputed illustrious eminent valid recognized licenced legalised de jure within the law considerate prestigious estimable caring of repute highly regarded well known well respected well-known in high favor of good standing of good report with a good reputation tried and trusted of good repute merciful kindly warm humanitarian empathetic selfless recognised pitying liberal piteous big-hearted concerned philanthropic warmhearted feeling munificent generous forbearing well behaved softhearted self-sacrificing all heart well-disposed unmalicious affable cordial loving affectionate philanthropical tender sparing


Opposite of showing signs of overindulgence in alcohol or other physical pleasures


Opposite of indifferent or hostile to religion, or having no religious beliefs


Opposite of not constrained

Đồng nghĩa của sinful

sinful Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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