Đồng nghĩa của proudnesses


Plural for pride
pretensions pretentiousnesses haughtinesses pomposities hauteurs pompousnesses superiorities imperiousnesses superciliousness loftinesses conceits prides lordlinesses conceitedness egos egotisms hubrises aloofnesses presumptions smugnesses swaggers vanities audacities blusters disdainfulness ostentations cheeks chutzpahs contemptuousness galls insolences priggishnesses braggadocii brasses nerves scornfulness airs disdain overbearance overbearingness crusts pridefulness self-importance self-love high-handedness arrogances pretences pretenses presumptuousness bumptiousnesses huffiness consequences masterfulnesses peremptoriness toploftiness assumptions condescensions high horses snobbishnesses snootiness contempts narcissisms egocentricities scorns vainness swellheadedness egoisms overconfidences vainglories vaingloriousness cockiness boastfulnesses patronages snobberies selfishnesses complacencies struttings complacences braggings bigheads huffs self-conceits self-respect self-esteem self-opinions amour propre self-assuredness self-congratulations self-centeredness self-satisfaction self-admiration affectations uppitiness immodesties uppishnesses patronizations affectednesses sneerings condescendences grandiosities boastings mockings scoffings overweeningness civilities deferences tolerations brashnesses inflations posings posturings sides superbities ostentatiousness phonies dignities bossinesses statelinesses assertivenesses pushiness displays grandioseness snottiness boldnesses stiffnesses sententiousness sass flauntings morgues defiances exaggerations attitudes proud flesh ego trips self-exaltation shows attitudinizings artificialities dislikes derisions grandiloquences grandnesses flowerinesses flashinesses indifferences heroics turgidities elaboratenesses pedantries bombasts flamboyances ornatenesses magniloquences rhetorics extravagances disparagements despites guyver flatulences showinesses fustians disrespects contumelies put-ons fakes showoffs disguises fronts showboats splashes charades despisements despitefulness dismissiveness misprisions distaste big talk disgust aversions disregards hates ridicules despisals antipathies hatreds

Trái nghĩa của proudnesses

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