Đồng nghĩa của cramp one s style


To impede the work or progress of
hobble fetter shackle clog cramp hamper hinder hog-tie trammel embarrass encumber handcuff handicap impede inhibit manacle obstruct short-circuit stymie hamstring hold back hold up interfere with restrict tie up crimp cripple curb entrammel hang up put a crimp in check foil block frustrate baffle baulk balk bar thwart stop cumber prevent entangle get in the way defeat scupper discomfit bind throw a spanner in the works of throw a monkey wrench in the works of restrain spoil delay retard forestall snooker stall scotch derail beat disappoint circumvent stump slow down bork checkmate dash counteract stonewall halt chain disconcert foul up screw up ruin drag your feet put a brake on stand in the way of give the run around cut off give a hard time upset the applecart get in the way of put the kibosh on inc brake disrupt slow deter faze freeze oppose dam rattle interfere head off throw a curve throw monkey wrench in saddle with close off shut off shut down constrain curtail set back bridle leash tie debilitate inconvenience weigh down tie one's hands counter nullify crush quash confront stifle puzzle neutralize confound mystify crool banjax put a stop to nonplus cancel overcome negate prohibit arrest neutralise lick annul obviate outwit forbid preclude conquer nip in the bud do for flummox render null and void dash one's hope put the lid on corner dead-end pigeonhole upset shelve crab put paid to put on hold choke off throw a monkey wrench into throw a spanner in the works hold off put on back burner hang fire limit interrupt repress suppress avert detain ward off stave off stay interdict choke confine put an end to slow up control debar intercept keep back hold withhold fend off decelerate shut out stem keep smother bog down avoid put off suspend close jam plug rule out straiten contain barricade contravene clog up postpone defend against regulate moderate stopper burden rein in stultify blockade stop up squash subdue catch hold in hold down block up forfend block off plug up squelch slacken nobble constrict resist cross reduce gag defer intermit congest muzzle seal divert remit stuff evade occlude ban put the mockers on put the stopper on smash take down fill tie down put back deflect put a spoke in someone's wheel sidestep skirt anticipate pick off outlaw bung up bring to a standstill cramp someone's style steer clear of still keep lid on pause discourage discontinue sabotage bilk traverse muffle deny disadvantage throttle mire retardate withstand strangle impair staunch overturn pre-empt govern tame draw up obscure clot circumnavigate pull up fetch up be a hindrance to choke back close out ward stamp out protract hem in put an stop to louse up help close up cut short prolong block out make late cork stem the flow of shut in gum up hold over proscribe throw cold water on bring to screeching halt pour cold water on put a damper on hold off on bring to an end guard end circumscribe confuse quell dissuade from sink root estop sandbag exclude swallow incommode delimit discommode stunt finish caulk quelch destroy bottleneck rein make illegal damp down kill terminate enjoin buck disallow repel embargo give the slip cease lessen decrease quit bring up quiet break keep waiting drop taboo measure rule loiter overload prorogue embog fill up can get out of charge repulse keep under control adjourn bung mess up escape bypass nix take wind out of parry shake turn aside make impossible pull in keep in check choke up crash fight back put at a disadvantage bottle up preempt defend deprive procrastinate back off second-guess table chill cool reschedule box in turn off let up place at a disadvantage keep a lid on bite back deny access mothball continue cut back bring to a close lock up respite head off at pass knock off put over put the brakes on cool off get ahead of get in before extend lose speed leave off desist from keep within bounds cut out lay on the table take a rain check on set aside beat someone to the draw put on the back burner beat someone to the punch beat someone to it put in cold storage provide against put on ice steal a march on bring to a stop give rain check pull the plug on hold in abeyance straitjacket tie-up weaken finish off isolate queer act against constipate offset cause to wait cause to stay enmesh net ensnare capture oppress bother cap snag sideline veto tie someone's hands entrap fix scrub sidetrack brace stanch pack jam up silence deaden pocket submerge extinguish halt in its tracks prevent from making progress hold captive clip someone's wings throw a monkey wrench in the works screen make difficult tether affect disturb blacklist boycott disqualify make an end of complicate wall off scuttle invalidate tamper influence set limits on impose limits on put straitjacket on quench mute overpower give disadvantage take out wreck ditch juke unsettle trouble conflict forefend temper ostracize get bogged down put the brakes on take out of play bottle keep from happening keep at bay stave keep off put the damper on obturate stand fence dissuade undo commandeer criminalize garrote garrotte shush bring an end to blank counterplot bury rebuff damp stand in the way dam up glut silt up put out of commission monkey with slam on the brakes ease up peg discipline bit down hesitate loaf falter bog dawdle flag poke lag abate diminish be one step ahead of be early act in advance of prepare for make it impossible for make it impracticable for save let gunge up spike censor dally give a rain check temporise take a raincheck keep in abeyance temporize incarcerate imprison intern throw a spoke in the wheel of slacken pace qualify reef disadvise scare dampen ostracise keep in gainsay duel contradict disaffirm contest impugn combat fight negative dispute take wind out of sails cause setback not allow to go beyond keep within the limits of get the better of put end to narrow down hedge beat down declare taboo criminalise clutter up stand still indispose shut put a limit on come to a standstill cordon off put on brakes not move stand off peter out make impracticable give the thumbs down to put the chill on give the red light to say no declare illegal immobilize shutdown gaol lock in coop up fence in jail close in immure concuss shotgun necessitate clobber wrong back-water lose steam cut down wind down anchor it play for time cool down keep a tight rein on keep tight rein on button up keep the lid on render powerless talk out of hit the brakes let down flaps act like a wet blanket crack down on treat harshly hedge out lock out immobilise cut in take away put half nelson on treat unfairly do a disservice to give a disadvantage to be unfair to put in an unfavourable position treat unfavourably tell against inflict a handicap on strangle at birth go against put out of business put out of action bring someone to their knees bring to naught wipe out refrain from preoccupy monopolize foresee predict forecast project expect envision monopolise carry over lengthen waive lay over dodge load withhold from stay away stay away from refuse forbear deny oneself give up make up for abstain from shake off restrain from counterbalance skip break the habit of skip out on do without shy from kick get around steer clear forgo shrink from abstain renounce keep from desist eschew shirk forbear from shun overwhelm saddle strain break off laden lumber weight snafu close down put a sock in lay off break up wind up pack up blow the whistle on pack in put a cork in give over skin lade pile freight yoke dump on overburden snow under bear down on snow make heavy play off cook someone's goose spike someone's guns queer someone's pitch take the wind out of your sails

Trái nghĩa của cramp one s style

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