Đồng nghĩa của in driver s seat


Overbearing, dictatorial or authoritarian
domineering dictatorial imperious autocratic tyrannical despotic authoritarian overbearing peremptory bossy oppressive tyrannous authoritative harsh arbitrary autocratical masterful draconian severe tyrannic commanding strict magisterial arrogant autarchic officious coercive controlling pushy assertive haughty imperial dominant forceful subjugating imperative bullish pushful egotistic insolent regnant high-handed iron-handed iron-fisted high and mighty strong-willed crack the whip on your high horse overweening lordly dominating repressive absolute undemocratic anti-democratic dogmatic heavy-handed imposing totalitarian monocratic rigid czarist tsarist demanding firm powerful illiberal cruel hard willful wilful inflexible tough brutal doctrinaire emphatic ruthless unyielding superior exacting merciless inhuman stern bullying rigorous insistent cocky ironhanded summary absolutist formidable stiff rough supreme hardhanded prominent leading overpowering reigning transcendent prevalent stringent decisive impressive confident ascendant pompous proud unjust onerous burdensome heavy one-party murderous rugged mean disciplinarian strong Neronian compelling unlimited uncontrolled autarchical inconsiderate relentless pitiless inexorable uncompromising excessive obstinate austere fierce unrelenting self-willed all-powerful self-assured self-confident masterly assured unaccountable unconstitutional single-party absolutistic dogmatical dystopian compulsatory obligatory required mandatory compulsory ordering aggressive bidding clamorous dictative crack-the-whip pushing driving czarlike restrictive inhibiting sure of oneself autonomous unrestrained pontifical overproud cocksure presumptuous throwing one's weight about overwhelming crushing punitive opinionated lording it supercilious unfair throwing one's weight around brusque throwing weight around preponderant high-and-mighty cavalier disdainful downright trying excruciating bitter grim searing grievous exigent in charge abrupt brisk blustering hectoring swaggering positive not backward in coming forward no joke flat-out straight out intolerant decided definite fixed certain undeniable finished no ifs ands or buts predominant prevailing predominate supereminent insensitive tactless prime prepollent premier effective prepotent unassailable stifling surpassing demonstrative flinty thoughtless ramrod presiding governing inept undiplomatic bungling fascistic unreasonable effectual towering capable able efficacious remarkable overstrict sadistic OTT competent abusive fearsome invincible over the top ruling high-level heavy-duty redoubtable high-octane eminent efficient important high-powered in control hardheaded uncharitable solid single-minded dour intractable by the book resolved hard-line dyed-in-the-wool dogged hardhearted hard-nosed obdurate browbeating mulish callous hardened extreme ossified hard-core stiff-necked hard-hearted ascetic steadfast unsparing determined unflinching drastic pressing unsympathetic dire unforgiving astringent no-nonsense unbending resolute ascetical disciplinary immovable grave bullheaded challenging punishing taxing grueling arduous testing laborious killer backbreaking tall gruelling herculean difficult strenuous toilsome moiling sweaty back-breaking hefty hellacious effortful uphill grinding very difficult Augean pick-and-shovel

Trái nghĩa của in driver s seat

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