Đồng nghĩa của watch one s step


To pay attention to, or take notice of
heed mind follow note mark observe consider listen to obey notice regard attend attend to keep pay attention to take note of take notice of watch be heedful of pay heed to abide by adhere to baby-sit be mindful of catch dig keep to pay regard to see sit spot take into account bear in mind take into consideration be alert to be aware be cautious of be guided by follow orders give care give ear keep tabs pay attention pick up take to heart watch out watch out for watch over do one's bidding keep eye peeled mind the store ride herd on stay in line toe the line watch the store get a load of give ear to respect perceive hearken remember discern eye hear listen take heed of distinguish hark make allowances for study survey remark behold view scrutinize examine clock not forget have regard to concentrate on take notice acknowledge pay heed detect scrutinise harken monitor check espy descry look at recognize give heed spy lend an ear keep in mind pick up on reckon with be aware of witness recognise scan make provision for sight surveil allow for take in gaze at check out keep track of keep watch on keep under surveillance keep an eye on keep a beady eye on keep under observation keep tabs on think about comply with conform to contemplate eyeball inspect have regard for take account of concentrate become aware of give thought to oversee make out take note be attentive stare at catch sight of lend an ear to look on peer at take a dekko at keep a tab on keep a check on be cognizant of call to mind think of accept listen up beware slang record track take heed supervise focus on goose-step to case superintend behave according to tune in to recce glimpse hang on audit do as you are told give a thought to eagle-eye gape at be all ears glance at keep a weather eye on concentrate on hearing keep one's eye on scope out watch like a hawk pin your ears back keep in sight understand get be mindful recall recollect take on board take something into account take account of something advert bear something in mind to remember register believe assent agree cover check up on hearken to pick up what someone is putting down appreciate show consideration for show regard for look to give heed to take muse accommodate hear one out give one's undivided attention have due regard for do as one is told by ogle at turn one's thoughts to rubberneck lay eyes on glare at peep at gawk at identify pick out set eyes on clap eyes on peek at get a glimpse of catch a glimpse of feast your eyes on make eyes at not take one's eyes off have a look-see give the once over take stock of leer at take a butcher's at provide for factor into keep up with keep up to date with keep in touch with sympathize with discover be attentive to care for make allowance for factor in keep in view take cognizance of fulfill fulfil be all ears for devote oneself reconnoitre take under advisement twig reconnoiter listen up to occupy oneself with spy on be careful of exercise restraint about look out for be careful about exercise care about beware of exercise caution about get an eyeful of take a shufti at take a gander at keep under scrutiny flash on apply your mind to care about take care with be wary of be watchful of exercise caution over keep your mind on be on alert over be cautious about be watchful over be vigilant of eavesdrop behear tune in overhear auscult pin back one's ears hang on someone's words tune in on hear out give an audience to give attention to pore over pin back your ears give attention keep your ears open prick up one's ears listen intently keep one's ears open hear tell hang on words prick up your ears prick up ears

Trái nghĩa của watch one s step

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