Trái nghĩa của taxing

Alternative for taxing

taxes, taxed, taxing

Đồng nghĩa: assessment, burden, duty, encumber, levy, load, oppress, strain, tariff, toll,


Opposite of physically or mentally demanding
easy light undemanding effortless nondemanding unchallenging easy-peasy facile gentle trivial unburdensome untroubling straightforward simple cushy mindless uncomplicated painless soft untroublesome unproblematic elementary trouble-free cheap basic breezy unexacting smooth pleasant uninvolved comfortable manageable plain mild calm piece of cake inconsiderable relaxing helpful rudimental not difficult relaxed no bother untaxing paltry nice calming moderate easy-breezy soothing tranquil peaceful easygoing pleasing easy as pie quick not burdensome wieldy unambiguous reassuring stress-free comforting agreeable casual easy-going no trouble laid-back a breeze a cinch aiding leisurely a piece of cake idiot-proof little no problem user friendly user-friendly benign untroubled safe tolerable happy bearable quiet minimal placid friendly workable useful convenient attainable endurable a doddle low impact easily done serene cozy beneficial cosy comfy mere uninspiring small insignificant chilled natural uninhibited relieving solvable rudimentary flexible content kind not hard hassle-free laid back soothed child's play plain sailing accommodating snug cheerful a snap a pushover as easy as abc quieting lenient picnic downhill as easy as ABC lazy lax indulgent unworried contented no sweat problem-free placatory assisting fluid feeble clear refreshing successful unambitious modest unassuming unequivocal enjoyable perspicuous helping noncomplicated noncomplex unstressful reasonable obvious stimulating idiotproof bland intuitive versatile instinctive unpressured trifling unforced unrestricted routine simplistic temperate common unpointed uncontroversial dull sensible feasible lightweight handy wonderful serviceable commodious a snip informal reticent lackadaisical small-scale unenthusiastic lethargic apathetic enervated slight pliable vulnerable unstable controllable pliant wobbly doable achievable giving tolerant inexact lending yielding inaccurate careless firm strong stable congenial tame harmless open-and-shut clear-cut unserious tender benignant nonintimidating delicate well-behaved unoffensive sophisticated tiny courteous luxurious wholesome innocent unhazardous innoxious inoffensive innocuous hurtless amenable carefree pampering sympathetic forgiving non-dangerous anodyne unharmful easeful good-natured merciful kindly duck soup sociable mollycoddling good-tempered unhurried clement graceful obliging unoppressive forbearing unsubstantial thin non-contact non-physical pain-free acheless unaching not dangerous free from interference pacifical free from interruption restful undisturbed sleepy sedate free from disturbance reposeful unperturbed pacific idyllic unbusy unrestrained mellow unconstrained


Opposite of behaving, spoken or done in a determined and forceful way


Opposite of much debated, discussed or disputed


Opposite of present participle for levy charge on property, income


Opposite of present participle for to accuse someone of

Đồng nghĩa của taxing

taxing Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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